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Your team at the Heritage Credit Group all agree: It is time to pay down your credit cards. Credit card debt is the most difficult to overcome for a couple of reasons, but there is a Simple Fix Formula:   There is very little to show for cc purchases in most cases.  An auto loan is... View Post
Perhaps there are no derogatory entries on your credit report; no late pays, no collections. You have one credit card and been paying it religiously for three years.  Your debt to income ratio is in range.  But your FICO score is still low.  Is there anything you can do to improve... View Post
The CFPB agrees with consumers:  Action needs to take place against illegal debt collection practices and it needs to happen now. Do you agree?  You will if you are one of the 77 million Americans who are hounded each year by debt collectors.  And now the Consumer Financial Protection... View Post