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When Dealing With Collections

Dealing with collection issues can be very stressful. The abuse collectors can divvy out can be absolutely unbearable at times. They call you at home, they call you at your mom’s, they call your neighbor, they call your work, and they call all hours of the day and night.

They leave mean messages and they send nasty letters. They threaten to sue you. They inflate the bill too! You may have started with a debt of $3500 and now they say you owe $8500!

Is there anything that can be done about these atrocities?

The Heritage Group understands these issues and we have had over 25 years’ experience dealing successfully with abusive collectors. We not only know how to make them leave you alone, but we can also get them removed from your credit profile.

Oh, one more thing; we can also get them to write out a check to you as well! Yes, you read that correctly! They won’t bother you anymore, they will come off your credit profile AND they will write you a check!

How is this possible? Glad you asked. There are very strict rules on how collection agencies, creditors and the credit bureaus can deal with consumers. And we know when they have violated these rules! Our attorney will go after them resulting in less stress for you and some money in your pocket too!

And remember, there is never a cost to use our attorneys!  Clients of the Heritage Group enjoy no-cost legal representation!

When Debt is an Issue

What if the collector has played fair and there still is outstanding debt that you can no longer afford to pay? Then what?

The Heritage Credit Group knows how to help here too. The first step for many of our clients is to have debts managed in a realistic manner.

Our team can question certain debts, which sometimes results in the removal of debt from your credit report. Our partners can also negotiate your debt.

If you have debt or collection issues, please give us a call right now or use the form below to request a free consultation! There’s never a charge for our credit analysis!

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