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Is bad credit preventing you from moving forward financially? If you are looking to buy a home, purchase a new auto, or if you are looking to rent an apartment, or in the job market, your chance of success is largely contingent on what is on your credit report.

Raising your FICO and improving your credit profile can be expensive, time consuming, and wrought with frustration. But it can be done, and now you can have your credit profile improved and possibly at no cost to you whatsoever! Additionally, you can actually make money in the process! How exciting is that?

No-Cost Credit Repair Service

Let me explain how: The Heritage Group has an exciting new platform that may improve credit scores, create revenue for its clients and the credit repair work could end up costing you nothing! How? Glad you asked! First, consider our discovery method: We have identified 14 different areas where errors can typically manifest themselves on your credit report. This gives us a basis to have erroneous items removed from your report. Second, we have identified many ILLEGAL processes that are typical of the credit reporting bureaus, the collection agencies and the creditors. This is where it gets fun.

If the law has been broken involving any accounts listed on the credit report, the legal team will sue the offender on behalf of the Heritage clients. The penalty for their illegal activity will mean the defendant must first expunge the debt or the account from your credit report. Second, they are mandated by the court to give you a monetary settlement! This will come as a cash award!

So, let’s review what has happened so far:

  • Derogatory entries have been removed from your credit report resulting in an improved credit profile using our discovery method.
  • Additional derogatory entries have been deleted as a result of litigation when illegal activity has been used against you.
  • The defendant (credit bureau, collection agency and/or creditor) from number 2 above, are mandated to pay you a cash award. A check is made out to you!

Okay, so now we have your attention, right?! But how does this mean No Cost credit repair for you? Simple. When we conduct our FREE credit analysis, the pre- legal team will determine if your legal rights have been violated. If they have, you may qualify to use our service and have access to the legal team at no cost to you. You agree to share with the Heritage Group award monies that the legal team wins on your behalf. The net result may mean there is enough money to pay for the credit restoration and plenty of money left over for you as well!

There you have it! NO COST CREDIT REPAIR!

What are the odds of qualifying for our No Cost Credit Repair? The odds are very, very good. Our statistics indicate that 9 out of 10 clients have had their legal rights violated! Also, of the 1 in 10 that does not have a legal case in the beginning, 50 % of those end up winning an award during the course of the credit restoration process! Keep in mind too; all Heritage clients do not pay to retain the attorneys on the legal team!

So what’s the hold-up? Contact us right now for your free credit analysis and see if you qualify for our No Cost Credit Repair Program today!

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